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Zebpay, Coinsecure and Unocoin must give its customers Bitcoin Cash !!

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After the Bitcoin Split into Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash, Every user got equivalent amount of Bitcoin Cash as they had number of Bitcoins, the world is busy in collecting their shares of Bitcoin Cash, the Indian exchanges are busy in looting their customers! Zebpay, coinsecure and Unocoin are the major cryptocurrency exchanges in India catering almost 80% of the cryptocurrency trade in country. But they’ve stated clearly that they would not support the new currency meaning the customers having bitcoin would not receive any Bitcoin cash unlike other exchanges throughout the world.

These exchanges reported that they would not be supporting Bitcoin Cash, but they are not clarifying the point that what will they do with the equivalent bitcoin cash that they would get against customers bitcoins which is obvious after the fork. Will they will utilize them for their own benefit?

Even with this huge support for Bitcoin Cash adoption the reluctance of these exchanges for the same definitely raises question over their collective decision to not support Bitcoin Cash.

While this is not an exclusive list, this kind of decision certainly raises question. What it looks is definitely a scam, a wrong use majority which is all against so called “decentralised” image if this industry.

Well this Indian scam for bitcoin cash resumes a debate whether centralized functioning of these exchanges must be continued or not. It at least asks for alternative solution especially in countries like Indian where majority trade is controlled by few exchanging raising questions over the decentralized model of cryptocurrency.

We demand that these exchanges should give us our Bitcoin Cash, instead of keeping it to themselves and make profit on it.

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