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Establish a regulated cryptocurrency fund in India

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The virtual world of cryptocurrency has made the traditional investments instruments look obsolete, as now a day it’s no surprise to see news of teenagers becoming millionaires in contrast to the ongoing debates on news channel questioning the stock performance, I am not denying the volatility of the enthusiastic cryptos as its widely known I am just trying to rename it as positive volatility.

So that without worrying a little too much about its downside we can focusing on implementing it for the betterment of millions of people who can afford a better life by the positive volatility of these new digital asset if only we can implement a more professional approach in building a structure for the existing and as well as the new crypto currency traders across our vibrant democracy, to justify my statement I would like to tell you a small story of the infamous unknown bitcoin pizza boy who made the cathartic decision of accepting 10,000 digital digits from his customer over a network called blockchain ,which would later be known as Bitcoins, worth $7 million and still booming no wonder the guy is unknown but I can definitely assure you that he is not a pizza boy anymore.

My Proposal !

SEBI should start registering crptocurrency traders with noticeable trade volume and hands on experience of the market.

This would help us in preventing the cryptocurrency from turning into a instrument of fraud and tax evasion in India. As to cope up with the rising popularity of these digital assets in India.

Wider and secured access to these volatile assets would open the doors for lot of people to invest and benefit from its exponential growth without being victims of rising fraud schemes in India.

Support it and we could change a billion lives !

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