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The apprenticeship system is in strife, our industry is having difficulty retaining and attracting apprentices. Poor wages and unfair working conditions are a problem. I demand that the Australian Industry Group puts industry before profits  and support the Austrailain Manufacturing Workers Unions (AMWU) case In Fair Work Commission (FWC) for:

* A decent and livable apprentice wage

* Equality in terms of entitlements - the right to payment of all training related                   travel expenses when traveling for training purposes.

* Lowering the age to 20 ‘ at commencement as the definition for an adult apprentice

Letter to
Australian Industry Group Securing a Better Deal for Apprentices
AIG Director Lucio Di Bartolomeo
AIG Director Noel Cornish
and 23 others
AIG Director Peter Lancaster
AIG Director Philip Binns
AIG Director Robert Wilson
AIG Director Ross Pilling
AIG Director Stephen Richter
AIG Director W A Hutchinson
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AIG Director Ian Campbell
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AIG Director Angelo Conte
Support Apprentices, and support the future of our industries.