Source of Income Discrimination Should Be A Protected Class In Texas for Section 8 Holders

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"Source of Income Discrimination” Should be a protected class for Section 8 Holders in Texas.

Fair Housing Act, means that everyone has somewhere to live, as well as, have a right to live by their job, school, and reside in safe, luxurious, state of the art, upscale and nice communities. Nevertheless, the state of Texas does not provide this opportunity in all their communities if you are Section 8 voucher holder.

The State of Texas has accepted hundreds of millions of dollars in federal Community Development Block Grant funding from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. In order to receive these funds, State officials certify that the State will affirmatively further fair housing in its housing and urban development related activities. Landlords are receiving these funds but are not in compliance with HUD, which makes this unconstitutional and illegal.

Research shows, that a study in Austin revealed that out of 139,919 apartments units surveyed, only 8,590, or 6 percent accepted vouchers, which where predominately concentrated in a few low-income, racially segregated areas of the city. And this perpetuate racial segregation. Another study showed, that The Dallas Housing Authority have more than 16,000 housing choice vouchers, which 86 percent of the voucher holders are black.

The State prohibits landlords from discriminating on the basis of student status, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity, and age. While, the Equal Housing Opportunity states you cannot discriminate in the sale, rental, and financing of housing based on race, color, religion, and national origin. Also, the 14th amendment is a protected clause. But minorities are still being deprived of life, property and liberty. However, the vast population who retain a voucher are minorities, therefore, refusing to accept their voucher is blatantly discrimination against ones race and color. Furthermore, landlords have to comply with not discriminating against someone because of  age race, sex, religion, gender....but not someone's income, is a contradiction.

Regrettably, many families become affected by the decision not to have a “source of income discrimination” protected clause, because families run the risk of being displaced and the possibility of losing their vouchers due to the time allotted given to find a unit. If the state of Texas grant housing vouchers, but have limited landlords who accept them and there is no law that prohibits them from refusing to be obligated to assist low-income families. What is the point of having the program, if all property owners and landlords are NOT obligated to take them. And the landlords that does voluntarily participate their units are always full. Therefore, the voucher holders eventually lose their voucher. More importantly, if this program is named the "Housing Choice Voucher." Why is our choice being stripped away? Where is the "Fair Housing Opportunity?"

There are 42 jurisdictions that prohibit discrimination against Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher holders. By landlords refusing to accept vouchers everywhere is a disparate impact, and their property is perpetuating modern day residential segregation.

With that being said, we are requesting that the state of Texas, FHEO, and HUD law prohibits multifamily landlords from discriminating against section 8 voucher holders by refusing to accept their voucher. Either enact the law or raise the minimum wages to $22 dollars and hour. The system is to fault for economic disadvantages, financial despair, and controlling  the cost of everything with inflation, cost and demand, which is destroying the people. Therefore, we are requesting that the "source of income discrimination" law goes into effect expeditiously before voucher holders add to the homeless population or simply increase minimum wages to $22 dollars an hour and the government do not have to be responsible for the poor in which they made them!