Stop MASSIVE development on agricultural land in Santa Ynez Valley! No support for HR1941

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Save the Santa Ynez Valley!!  

We do not support HR 1491 sponsored by Representative (R)   Doug LaMalfa of Richvale in NORTHERN CALIFORNIA.

If you care about the Santa Ynez Valley you will sign this petition. The Chumash want to develop Camp 4 with new homes and whatever they feel like building with out regard to the County of Santa Barbara or the citizens of The Santa Ynez Valley.  The Chumash never once denied to the county that it won’t have gaming, golf courses, hotels or major retail!  They would not be paying a dime in taxes on the land. They will not need city or county approval or permits, to build their buildings.   They will not be required to upgrade the public road system to account for increased traffic.  Currently, our tax dollars pay for the law enforcement that is consistently used by the tribe and the casino’s patrons.  

What about the water?

"In 2005, the Chumash and Fess Parker considered developing a portion of this property into another casino/hotel/golf course development. Using mid-range estimates, such a development could use 200 million gallons of water annually. The most likely source of this water is the Santa Ynez Uplands Groundwater Basin. When asked, local water experts said they would anticipate the Chumash, would install deep wells and be very large water consumers, which presents the real possibility of compromising other wells using the Upland Basin. Development with no local control over our water supply is too great a risk for our community." – SY Valley Journal / Women’s Environmental Watch Article

Do we need to be reminded about the original casino when we were told it was “temporary”?

"What started as wanting to have “just a bingo hall” to lift them out of poverty has in a few short years become a full-blown multi-million dollar gambling industry in the formerly quiet town of Santa Ynez where each of the 154 tribal members receives just short of $40,000 a month. As their chairman, Vince Armenta, recently stated, this is still not enough to assure his people of financial security. More development will be necessary." – SY Valley Journal Commentary by Rolf Richter

Sign this petition to stop the building on Camp 4, we care about Santa Ynez and don’t want a big corporation disguised as the innocent small local tribe taking over our small town!

Those who consider themselves stewards of the land and protecting what is natural are doing just the opposite and find no shame it doing so.  Enough is enough!

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