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CHEMUYIL is an important sea turtle nesting beach in Quintana Roo, Mexico adjacent to many protected areas : Xcacel-Xcacelito Marine Turtle Sanctuary, the Mexican Caribbean Biosphere Reserve Nucleus Zone, the Marine Species  Refuge of  Akumal and a RAMSAR site. Chemuyil is located in the Environmental Management Unit, T9- Cn7 of the Cancun Tulum Ecological Management Program, with restrictions meant to protect the sea turtle nesting beaches and conservation ​biological fauna corridors, where among other species, jaguars inhabit.
SEMARNAT under the Directorate of Víctor Toledo, ignored the recommendations of each and every one of the Government Institutions to whom he asked for an opinion (National Commission of Natural Protected Areas (CONANP), Secretary of the Environment (SEMA) and others) to authorize on August 2, 2019, GRUPO POSADAS’ mega-development.
The authorization has caused damage to mangroves, the low deciduous forest with kuka palm (an endemic and endangered species) and the elimination of chit palm plants. They have also dug material to use as fill, (where mining is prohibited), they have also placed tetrapods  (concrete structures used as breakwaters) in the ocean and dredged the sand in the sea near a turtle beach;  they have built on the dune, they have crossed the nesting beach in Chemuyil with dump trucks to fill the entire rocky coast with limestone to create more beach, and they have put retaining walls 5 m from the beach, in the Federal Maritime Zone Terrestrial. 
All of this to build hotels rooms in structures over the water and create an artificial beach and cove.  The project has modified the coast, not only of Chemuyil and Chemuyilito, but over time, that of XCACEL and the Akumal DIF beach, these are the three most important green and loggerhead sea turtle nesting  beaches in Mexico.
SEMARNAT authorized the project on August 2, 2019 (No. SGPA / DGIRA / DG 06031), "Complementary works for the development of tourist services", with the code 23QR2018T0080.
Allowing them to also build two breakwaters, without considering climate change, completely transforming the coastline of the two bays, without taking into account the disastrous experiences caused by breakwaters, which are nothing more than gigantic sediment traps. All this because the company states that it:
"Provide(s) options for enjoyment in the coastal area of ​​the Chemuyil and Chemuyilito Bays in the face of the need "for sandy, safe, stable and swimming areas for development tourists" referring to "Ecotur Tourism Development", owned by Grupo Posadas and  Promotora Ecotur, authorized by the SEMARNAT in 2002.
The irresponsible authorization of the project was done WITHOUT CONSIDERING THE DAMAGE CAUSED TO XCACEL-XCACELITO, OUR NATURAL HERITAGE, officially certified a few days ago the beach with the highest scenic value in the world, as a Class 1 Beach of the Ibero-American Beach Management and Certification Network, ignoring  the social and cultural value it has for the inhabitants of Quintana Roo and its visitors.
Write to them requesting the revocation of the authorization:
SEMARNAT (@SEMARNAT_mx) |  Twitter