As Brexit Looms, Grant all People with Refugee Status in UK with Indefinite Leave Remain

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As Brexit Looms with tremendous uncertainties for years ahead. It come to my realisation that big organisations such as Financial institutions, Political Consultation groups, spirituals organisations, Médias influencers and British politicians are just not talking about the core interests of Refugees or Holders of REFUGEE STATUS in the UK.

These are the most vulnerable of us all. For generations, many Refugees were able to adjust and integrate the UK society with no stigma.

Since 2011 forward, a string of continuous changes in laws, including the introduction - as we all know with the Windrush scandals - of what is called; ‘the austere environment’, many Refugees in the country and mainly those said to be having ‘ criminal record’, which most of the time can be discussed: as these people have been wrongly criminalised and given most of the time severe sentences for minor offenses or severe offence with miscarriage of justice, lack of access to proper funds or proper solicitors to assist them in their peculiarities.

Therefore, thousands of Refugees in the Country although granted the Refugee status by the Home Office, have been in reality stacked in a corner where their life cannot been improved. Many of them could not been helped with access to work despite many bright people among them achieving top grades at UK universities or other training courses.

Many thousands of Refugees in the UK since the Referendum, have seen their life thrown into complete chaos.

I believe above all, with all the uncertainties arising from the Brexit, with some lunatics and fanatics willing to destroy the livelihood of common citizens not least the Refugees, it is our moral duty to stand still, and all demand to the prime minister Mrs Theresa May and the Secretary of State to the Home Office Mr Javid, to take the right decision in granting ILR (Indefinite leave to remain) to all people with the Refugee status in the United Kingdom, irrespective of their past, or string attached to their name, because most of the time these strings can be arguable.

Only maybe the most dangerous among them who were sentence for most serious offence such as killing innocent people or endangering other people's life with serious sentences above 4 years or above can see their case follow the strict rules.

My belief is that, by standing for Refugees being granted indefinite leave to remain, this is how, as a country, we can further demonstrate our attachment to love, to peace, to integration, and respect to international rules for Human Rights.

Please, let’s stand for this petition to protect our Refugees and their families, as they are truly the most vulnerable of all in these very complicated and challenging time.

let’s all plead for all Refugee in the UK been granted Indefinite Leave to Remain with us. We need them all, we most fight for the most fragile, and it will be a big sign of our maturity as human being to show to all of them, that the past is gone, and that there are always love ahead for all.