Change the UK's history and literature curriculum to be more inclusive for BAME students

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The compulsory history that we learn about in schools from a young age tells us about European History - we learn about the Greeks, the Romans, the Medieval periods, the Middle Ages and even our own British Empire. 

However, when we do cover history or literature, we do not seem to mention the voices of people of colour who had to live under the Empire. As the population of BAME students grow; our history still isn't brought up; and it is vitally important that we know what our background is; because when our side of the story is explained, one can see the origins of institutionalised racism that affects this nation. Many people still do not know about the horrors imposed on people of colour due to the British Empire, and how bad this was especially for black people. I, like many others, want this ignorance to end, as our education is not well-rounded enough and by only doing #BlackHistoryMonth; this doesn't help solve the wider issue at hand in UK schools.

Many people do not know the history and achievements of black people pre-slavery. Many Muslim children don't know the achievements that their forebears made during the Islamic Golden Age. Many Asian students don't know about their history and innovations.

If we include more BAME voices in our history and literature - we can help students become more tolerant of each other. We can help children understand their issues so that they will want to become more empathetic, well-rounded individuals.