Prevent disqualified drivers from getting legal access to vehicles

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Some 14,500 people were caught driving without a licence in 2017 according to Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency data.  That number is increasing each year.

Disqualified drivers kill and injure more than 8000 people each year.  They needlessly waste police resources, and cause significant danger to the public, particulary if they try to evade capture.  

We can't prevent illegal access to vehicles (for example, theft) but we can make it difficult for them to get legal access, and so contribute to reducing the risk.

I propose the Secretary of State for Transport make it illegal to sell, give, allow to use or lend a vehicle to someone who does not hold a valid driving licence.  Simple checks can be made online or by telephone. 

If a disqualified driver is identified, the police will be entitled to check how that driver came into possession of the vehicle. If the previous or current owner cannot demonstrate that they had performed reasonable due diligence on the validity of a driver's licence they will be fined £5000 for the first offence.