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Secretary of State for Transport: Please reconsider the closure of the existing Hawthorn Road as part of the A15 Lincoln Bypass Scheme

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Hawthorn Road was assessed by Lincolnshire County Council as requiring a roadbridge over the the proposed Eastern Lincoln Bypass, but due to cutbacks this vital access route from Lincoln's Eastern Villages of Reepham, Cherry Willingham and Fiskerton will now be sliced in two and closed.

I started this petition due to the turnout at a local village meeting where people seemed to want to have a voice to say they don't want this road closure but don't feel heard.

This petition can make a difference as just maybe the decision to downgrade the bridge to a cycle bridge can be reversed and we can have the proposed road bridge back.

The main arguments against the road closure are:

1.  The road was assessed as being required originally, so there was a plan for a road bridge on the original Bypass scheme.  The road was decided to be closed when the plans were revised on cost alone, not need.  Cost adjustments could take place to allow for the road to stay open.

2. Reepham village's historical road route to Lincoln will be lost forever, despite the Council saying they want to reduce emissions and traffic times with the Bypass scheme.

2. An Eastern Lincoln Community will be lost forever, affecting families, friends, house prices and the local economy.  The division between town and the Eastern villages will become greater with Lincoln suffering from this division as much as the villages.

3.  Traffic implications.  These are huge and cannot be underestimated.  From accident history and future potential, to safety of pedestrians, to diversions (e.g. when Wragby road is closed as has happened on several occasions in the past 3 years traffic has been diverted via Hawthorn Road).

4. There are other options, which haven't been considered by LCC to date as far as we are aware- such as switching the Heighington overbridge with the Hawthorn Road and giving Heighington a roundabout instead (Hawthorn Road cannot have one as it is too close to Wragby Road roundabout apparently).

5. The impact on school children and school run times for parents, especially with regards to safety and school bus timetables.  Schools and pupils will be affected by lateness as a result of the road closures at the very minimum.

6. Additional costs to residents.  Residents will be footing the bill for the road closure due to increased journey times.  No journeys will be shorter with the newly proposed route and this will cost residents via vehicle fuel bills.

7. We will all face 2 years of disrupted journeys to Lincoln with the construction of the Bypass unless we retain Hawthorn road.  Hawthorn road keeps us connected and we want it to stay that way beyond the Bypass construction.

We want Hawthorn road to stay a local access road.  We were not consulted about the revised plans, we are having this forced upon us.  Please sign this petition to help our community stay a community.  We welcome change of course, we want the Bypass, but we want our main existing link to Lincoln to remain.

Many thanks


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