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Stop Giving Child Abusers & Child Sex Offenders Bail and Protection

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Hi, my name is Lorna Edwards, I am trying to get a petition of a 100,00 signatures to present it to parliament to get the Law changed so that people who are arrested and charged on child abuse and child sexual offences are not allowed or granted bail.

As you can imagine, a lot of people support this proposed change, but we need everybody to sign so that it is heard by the Government to help put it into practice.


As a group we were outraged by the case of the baby in Gravesend, as i'm sure most of the country were, and the fact that his so called "parents" were given bail! I  understand that these cases are very delicate and sensitive, and that there are certain procedures that have to be adhered to, but people that are capable of such appalling and horrific acts, especially to their own child, should most certainly NOT be given protection and bail. They are a danger to society.I am aware in this case no one has yet been charged, but that aside for this to happen their parenting need's to come into question at the very least! And to mine and many others mind, if this has happened whist he was in their care they are as guilty as if they were charged for not preventing it. 


There have been far too many cases of such shocking abuse in recent times, and often it is repeatedly overlooked until it is too late for these poor innocent children, like Baby P , Victoria Climbie ect. I know this will sadly alway's go on, but even if this change can make a difference to one child, it would be worth all of the time and effort applied.


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