Please help keep domestic abuse offender in prison for the full term he was given.

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Domestic abuse offender David Roy Jennison, aged 52, was sentenced on 9th Jan 2018 to 6.3 years incarceration, 3 of which to be served on licence, for a brutal attack on his wife, Ms. Suzanne Hill. In court it was disclosed he also had 13 previous convictions for domestic violence, battery and harassment over the last 28 years, and the judge, Timothy Smith commented Jennison showed no remorse for what he'd done. However, after only four months, his ex wife, who spent 5 days in hospital due to the assault has been notified that her attacker is eligible for parole in January 2019 after serving only one year of his sentence! Ms. Hill, who wants all women to be aware of Clare's Law is deeply upset and concerned to hear this news as she feels David Jennison is a danger to other women in the future and it is unjust that he won't serve the full sentence. Let's support Ms. Hill and all abuse victim /survivors and demand that David Roy Jennison stays in prison and serves his full sentence.

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