Theresa May vows to continue funding the terrorist propaganda group the white helmets

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Theresa may has vowed to continue funding the terrorist propaganda construct group the white helmets with tax payers money following president trumps decision to cease funding them, they are without question terrorists wearing white helmet uniforms who have been exposed time and time again assisting in executions of innocent syrians/syrian army soldiers and 1 member was even posing for a selfie just prior to a group of children being lured to a bus park which was packed and then a bomb was detonated and he was smiling for the camera before this happened and more recently when they staged the false flag chemical attack in syria (douma) 100% staged false flag yet theresa may went straight in and started bombing syria because of false propaganda being staged by the white helmets who were set up and funded by the uk government and formed by an ex mercenary leader and creator, James Le Mesurier.British Government backed/funded white helmet terrorists exposed  the fact theresa may has vowed to keep funding this group is not only illegal but it is blatantly committing war crimes and not too mention is funding terrorists who are staging false flag attacks and assisting in the murders of innocent syrian citizens...this needs to be scrapped asap and all funding needs to end now..this is wrong and the british public(tax payers) should not be drawn into your illegal actions supporting and funding known terrorists with our money,PERIOD! if action isn't taking to stop funding them and theresa may does not retract her statement regarding this then as british citizens and tax payers we have a right to cease paying taxes as we are not and will not fund terrorism here or abroad...THE BRITISH GOVERNMENT WORKS FOR US AND AS SUCH CAN BE REMOVED BY US..

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