Landlords to be legally required to install carbon monoxide alarms in rented properties

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I live in a rented property with my partner and two young children. I had  requested the landlord to fit a carbon monoxide alarm in the flat and was appalled by the refusal. The estate agent’s response read   “We have recommended to your landlord that we install a carbon monoxide alarm at the flat. Unfortunately the landlord has said that she will not be covering the cost of a carbon monoxide alarm as it is not a legal requirement.”

We cannot rely on the landlords’ discretion to take the basic steps to protect their tenants’ safety. The tenants must be protected by law. 

Thankfully, there is no tragic story behind this petition. It has been started to prevent one from happening. At the moment, the landlords are only required to install a smoke alarm on every floor of the property. Together, we can make the Secretary of State amend the relevant regulations to require the private sector landlords to install the carbon monoxide alarms as well. Please take a minute to sign this petition and make a change. 

Thank you,

Ebru Mokhtarnia 




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