Scrap the Liverpool Regional “Metro” Mayor.

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***UPDATE*** as presumed... the extra on our council tax was agreed.... this petition has sparked some great conversations and has gotten the information out there to the general public and in the media. Apparently there’s a lot of support for scrapping the Metro Mayor in Liverpool as well as Halton and the other regions this “Metro Mayor” covers, so we thank you to Liverpool and the rest of Merseyside for agreeing with us all that this role needs to be scrapped. If there’s no money to pay for him then don’t go asking already cash strapped tax payers to foot the bill! THANK YOU TO ALL WHO HAVE SUPPORTED IT �� Feel free to share share share... 

An extra charge on this year's council tax bill has been proposed to pay for the Liverpool City Region's mayor.

Householders will be charged an average of about £16 annually to pay for Steve Rotheram's £77,500 salary, as well as his transport and housing projects.

The precept, expected to raise £7.6m per year, will also cover the general running costs of the mayor's office.

Mr Rotheram said funding cuts had left him with "no option" but the people of Halton and surrounding areas are annoyed at the request for funding, as they feel they where not consulted on joining the “Liverpool City Region” to begin with. 

A population of roughly 1.5 million taxpayers from across the region will pay the charge, the mayor's office said
Mr Rotheram said he had "no option" but to impose the charge after his office had "repeatedly lobbied" without success for more central government funding.

He said: "We know that this is an added burden and so have kept that contribution as low as possible. For 95% of residents, it will be no more than 32p per week.

"In the face of continuing austerity we cannot expect our six local authorities to carry on funding the combined authority.

"The devolution deal is the only way we can secure the funds we need to transform our city region. We recognise this is an additional cost but it will pay dividends."

The rise is more than double the £7 annual levy applied to council tax bills in neighbouring Greater Manchester.

A spokesman for Mr Rotheram's office said this was because there are roughly one million fewer taxpayers in the Liverpool City Region than the 2.5 million in Greater Manchester.

When did we vote on another mayor? They want our opinion on paying more money for this, but we don’t remember them wanting our opinion on joining up in the first place... do you? We’ve coped very well all these years without ANOTHER mayor on the wages books, so why on earth do we need another, let alone pay for one with extra council tax! Once this starts who’s to say they won’t ask for more money year after year? Where will it end?