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Richard W. Symonds
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Gatwick Local Nature Reserve is proposed to avert the threat of an environmental catastrophe in Crawley and Horsham at Ifield.

The threat comes from developers and 'associates' who are determined to control and build on the ancient Parish of Ifield and Beyond - with its 1000-year local history, ancient woodland and natural habitats for wildlife - many species of which are now endangered.

A Green Infrastructure is already in place for the proposed Nature Reserve includes Ifield Wood and Medieval Deer Park, Willoughby Fields Local Nature Reserve [LNR], Ifield Brook Meadows Local Green Space [LGS], Ifield Village Conservation Area, Ifield Golf Club, Ifield Mill Pond and Bewbush Water Gardens.

Wildlife make their home in the ancient woodland and ponds - deer, buzzards, geese, pheasants, foxes, rabbits, frogs, bats and butterflies to name just a few. Walkers frequent the area in numbers - especially with their dogs. Community and education initiatives are growing to promote good health.

A clear case for creating a Gatwick Local Nature Reserve must be made to prevent a catastrophic loss of wildlife, destruction of ancient woodland and ill-health due to pollution, noise and other life-threatening factors.

And we must protect and preserve this area for present and future generations to enjoy.

Signing this Petition is pivotal to making this happen.

Make it happen - it depends on you.

Thank you.