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Please sign and encourage others to sign this crisis petition, to help stop unlawful NHS threats, to the health and emotional wellbeing of vulnerable people, of all ages. Despite everything said here, it is unlikely that Jeremy Hunt, Secretary of State for Health, has been informed of this issue, so this petition is for him.

The reason for this crisis is as confused and surreal, as anything written by Lewis Caroll in 'Alice In Wonderland' and could never have been foreseen and written by a modern Charles Dickens, into the character of Ebenezer Scrooge, in 'A Christmas Carol'. 

Anyone entitled to free prescriptions, is required to tick the relevant box on prescription forms and sign to "declare" that they have provided "correct and complete" information. 

That is impossible, for those moved over to Universal Credit, because there is no box to tick for that. Instead, the NHS insists that they must provide false information. It must be the correct, false information. They must tick the right, wrong box and sign to say it is true. If they tick the wrong, wrong box, the NHS wings off bills, with threats of fines and court actions. Confused? 

The simple and sensible solution, is for the government to instruct the NHS to ask the Department for Work & Pensions, whether or not the person in question is entitled to free prescriptions.

That would instantly stop the addiction to tangled red tape, which is wasting vast sums of public money. However, on the 21st December the NHS refused point blank, to put an immediate stop to this prescriptions chaos and torment.

I had no knowledge of the crisis, until asked as a former medical social worker, to advise a parent with young children, who is still refusing to take essential medication, because the NHS threatened them after surgery, with an unlawful fine and unlawful court action. 

More details about that and the risks to children, additional solutions to this crisis and laws persistently being broken by the NHS., can be found using this link:- http://evansaboveonline.co.uk/nhs-prescriptions-crisis/