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NHS annual blood test for men to screen for prostate cancer.

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In January 2017 I lost my lovely Dad to cancer.  It started off as Prostate cancer and eventually, because the cancer had already spread before his diagnosis, it travelled to his bones and liver. 

I am desperately trying to push for the NHS to provide a service for men whereby one simple blood sample each year can screen for prostate cancer. In many cases, 99% of men with the most common type of prostate cancer will survive more than 5 years after diagnosis. For more than 90% of men who's prostate cancer is localized to the prostate or just nearby, the prognosis is even better. 

The amount of suffering my Dad had to endure, the thousands of pounds worth of medicines, drugs and medical equipment that he had to used could all have been avoided if one simple blood test was available to diagnosis the early stages of this horrible disease. One kind of drug he used for a short period of time was £10,000 for a one month supply. He took them for 3 months. The many MRI's,CT scans, rounds of chemotherapy and radiotherapy and the amount of drugs he had to take because one medicine would have a certain side effect that would lead to another side effect and so one. The NHS could save millions of pounds by offering just a simple blood test. 

I am grateful to the NHS for providing my father with the upmost care during his illness but our family could still have a loving husband, father, grandfather, brother, uncle and friend if one blood test had been offered and this horrible cancer had been detected early. 


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