Immediate Covid19 antibody testing for NHS and school staff

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Prioritise the testing of all NHS and front-line school staff with the Covid19 antibody test - ASAP.

With the NHS at breaking point due to the Covid19 outbreak, and essential services under significant strain, we need to act quickly, but systematically. 

In order to maintain key workers in their roles, schools have been asked to open indefinitely for their children. This is a task the teaching profession has taken seriously, they are now open, and will remain so until it is no longer possible.

One way to ensure continued treatment for the virus is to test all NHS front-line workers with the new antibody test, to see if they have already had the infection. If they have, there is a very strong chance that they will not get it again and will not need to self-isolate thinking they might have the infection.

Likewise, as children still attending the schools appear less prone to the symptoms of the infection, it is not entirely clear whether they are carriers, or have already had it. Teachers and other school staff are self-isolating for 14 days as advised and are unable to tell if they actually have the infection. Knowing the answer could be a game-changer in fighting this horrific pandemic. 

Please act now. Please act decisively. The teaching profession are here in their thousands to help the NHS cope. Leaving this for much longer will bring schools to a halt, and that might mean the NHS can't treat the public when they most need it.