This petition is to achieve a fair pay increase for NHS staff.

This petition is to achieve a fair pay increase for NHS staff.

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Wayne Ingram started this petition to Secretary of State For Health and Social Care and

Firstly, I would like to state this is not about greed.  We all joined the NHS to give, not take.  This petition is for fairness.


I am a frontline, Bank Paramedic working for an NHS Ambulance Trust.  I maintain this position by covering frontline shifts mainly within the county of Dorset. 


I, as well as my NHS colleagues feel a huge sense of responsible when giving treatment to those in need.  The mere fact people come to the NHS saying “I need help because I don’t know what to do, or I can’t treat what’s wrong with me” means they put their faith, their life in the NHS to treat them.  It would be foolish to say we do not feel a sense of responsibility, as NHS employees, as humans we feel respect and responsibility every time we speak to a patient or their family!


This petition to ask our government to start treating my NHS colleagues with the same respect we give others and take responsibility to ensure the NHS does not collapse, which is the route it is heading!


Recently, I have been on the receiving end of medical care after being diagnosed with severe sepsis, which required a lengthy stay in Dorset County Hospital Foundation Trust.


Whilst admitted I witnessed first-hand the care and attention given to me by the many Doctors and Nurses who work within our NHS.  I also became aware of just how hard our NHS hospital staff work, and the enormous constraints against them. That said, at no stage did I ever see any one person lower their standards of care towards any patient.  “Astonishing, staggering and outstanding” do not seem words worthy to describe the treatment myself, and all the other patients received. This has only cemented my wishes for a fair and equal pay increase for our NHS staff.  Although as a Bank Member I only work several shifts per month, I am willing to sacrifice my pay increase for others to receive theirs! 


Our NHS is world known for the outstanding care it provides to the UK populous and those many thousands of visitors who constantly cross its shores, if and when they require medical help.  However, our NHS was placed in the forefront of the world’s media when Covid-19 plagued our island. Reporters were granted access to numerous hospitals throughout the UK to film severely ill patients being cared for by a tired, overworked care staff. The whole country saw these NHS staff continue to give 100% care to those in need.  Daily we witnessed the emotional stress shown by extremely fatigued NHS staff after giving their utmost to save the lives of those admitted to their hospital.  Tears seemed to be their constant companion!


What was often missed on television and within the national tabloids, was NHS staff members sacrificing their breaks to maintain a care pathway, in long, extremely hot, and claustrophobic conditions. Medical staff roles were morphed so care could continue which meant staff often did more to achieve the best results without complaining.  After a long day’s struggle, NHS staff would often find food isles empty in shops. These had been emptied whilst they were giving their all to save others. But, whilst they were doing this, others were taking all!


Our own Prime minister witnessed first-hand the best of our NHS when he was admitted to intensive care during the Pandemic!


The UK saw this on our daily news bulletins and showed their thanks by a collective ‘Thursday Night’ clap for the NHS.


The emotional and physical strain on these NHS staff members so far is incalculable.  Sadly, unless something is done NOW, we will see experienced well trained staff leave the NHS.  This will be devastating for them, our hospitals and ambulance services, but even more so for the UK.


It must be stated every NHS colleague I have spoken to describes the 1% pay increase as an insult, with many saying they would rather have not received anything, even citing the word embarrassing!


The NHS is currently going through and will go through further turmoil following the long Covid-19 pandemic. Many dedicated and experienced staff will decide to leave their NHS contracts, a fair pay rise will potentially reduce this from happening. Keeping our dedicated staff will reduce massive expenditure covering shifts with overtime and agency staff.  From experience this is an enormous amount!


Sadly, this is not the first time this issue has been this article will support!


I kindly ask you consider supporting this petition and do the right thing.

By signing, you are showing our NHS staff that you have appreciated what they did before, and during this pandemic, what they continue to do now, and will no doubt do without question in the future. All they ask is for a FAIR pay rise and not one that is derogatory and a massive slap in the face after all that they have done throughout this COVID-19 crisis.


'We all have one voice, which is often not heard, as a group our voice becomes a roar and will be heard.'


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At 1,000 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!