STOP NHS Mental Health Failing Vulnerable Patients

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Change the Law - Patients Sectioned under the Mental Health Act should not have the right to Patient Confidentiality if it affects their safety.

This petition  aims  to change the law on Patient Confidentiality. Any person sectioned under the Mental Health Act is in no fit state mentally to make rational decisions regarding their well-being so should have no right to Patient Confidentiality.

Wherever possible the decisions should be made involving their next of kin. All information regarding that person should also be disclosed.

On 8th January this year our Daughter Sarah Moore was admitted to the Radbourne Psychiatric Unit in Derby as a voluntary patient. On 9th February she was sectioned for 28 days as she constantly spoke of ending her life on leaving the unit. Still 10 days later Sarah was discharged without our knowledge. She left the Unit with no belongings or medication and in the early hours of Tuesday 20th February Sarah took her life in a local park.

No one was notified of her leaving and it was not known by us, her parents, until the police called at our house 12 hours later.

During her stay at the Radbourne Unit we asked about her progress and were told "Patient Confidentiality". This was even given as a reason for not notifying us of her leaving the Unit.

We believe this law needs to be changed. If a person is sectioned they are in no fit state mentally to make rational decisions. We believe all about that person should be available to their Next of Kin and decisions should not be made without their knowledge and in put.

We had no idea. until we obtained Sarah's medical notes, that she had tried to take her life whilst in the Radbourne Unit. She had also stated to staff on at least 25 occasions the desire to end her life. 

We should have been notified that she had left the Unit. 17 HOURS were lost WHICH COST SARAH HER LIFE!

It is time for the law on Patient Confidentiality to be changed before this happens to someone else's loved one!  

Sarah was 27 years old and left 2 young children.

If interested in her story look for "Sarah Moore Derby Telegraph" for more information


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