End Hospital Cuts Resulting In Poor Patient Care At Bedford Hospital!

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Inadequate care and treatment at Bedford Hospital are resulting in high mortality rates.

My family are urging the Parliamentary Health Service Ombudsman to investigate failings at Bedford Hospital that led to the death of my Step-Nan. 

Diane was admitted to a makeshift ward (Victoria Ward) with back pain due to osteoporosis but died nine days later from hospital contracted pneumonia.

She was successfully battling colon cancer and doctors knew chemotherapy treatments had lowered her immune system, leaving her open to infections. On previous occasions when she was admitted she was given IV antibiotics as a precaution. However, on this occasion, she was given no antibiotics, despite the patient next to her having a chest infection. 

At the end of March, she was admitted to Victoria Ward (the former children's ward, in the oldest part of the hospital). The area had been closed down once and reopened. It looked neglected, grubby and there were poor hygiene and a lack of proper equipment. 

It was the Easter Bank Holiday Weekend and the hospital seemed short staffed and very few doctors were around. Diane started coughing and struggling to breathe yet no chest X-ray or blood tests were carried out. These would have picked up that she was developing pneumonia, and had she been given antibiotics immediately, she would have had a good chance of fighting it. 

She was taken into intensive care on Sunday and on Bank Holiday Monday morning we were told she had passed away. Diane had battled cancer, yet she died of an infection she contracted while in hospital. It should never have happened. 

An official complaint has already been logged and a full investigation we've been told has been raised however more needs to be done about the situation at Bedford Hospital. 

Our families concerns were published in last weeks 'Bedford Today' and on the next page read 'Hospital Staff 'very tired' admit bosses'. 

Bedford Hospital Staff have been left "very tired" after months of working above and beyond according to the trusts own medical director. The trust pointed to a concerning increase in mortality rates and have more or less said that people will die if they don't get more staff and money soon.

Diane leaves behind John, her husband of 51 years, her son Andrew, daughter Louise, daughter-in-law Raina and four granddaughters. How many more lives are going to be unexpectedly lost whilst in the hands of Bedford Hospital before changes are made?

My family have started a media campaign and will continue until we have justice for Diane and all other patients that have died at Bedford Hospital due to the inadequate care and treatment that result in high rates of mortality. 

The Bedford Community need to stand together and take action for a better equipped local hospital.   




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