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Southwark Parents Against Cuts to Education

We believed that spending on schools was protected. We believed it because the government said it. 

Not only is that funding promise already been broken, your proposed National Funding Formula is predicted to have a deeply damaging impact on Southwark Schools which are set to lose an average of £1,024 per pupil by 2019.

The changes to the funding formula will disproportionately hit London where there has been extraordinary success in raising school standards in recent years, out-performing the rest of the country. London schools have also made great progress in promoting social mobility, with 48% of young people in London on Free School Meals achieving five good GCSEs, compared with only 36.8% of the same group nationally. In Southwark our schools have made fantastic progress and 93% are now rated good or outstanding. Cutting funding for these schools would be a huge step backwards and risks reversing the hard-won improvements that have been made.

Schools in London face unique challenges around deprivation, mobility, a very rapid increase in demand for SEND places and other factors such as higher salary pressures, based on the high cost of living in the capital. Yet under the proposed National Funding Formula schools in London will have to find savings of £360 million in the first year, the equivalent of 12,857 qualified teachers.

We support the principle of more transparent and equal pupil funding across all parts of the country. But the government proposes to achieve this by redistributing money between schools from a total pot that is shrinking in real terms. And therefore, according to the government’s own figures, 49 per cent of schools in England will lose even more funding at a time that no school, in any part of the country, can bear further losses. We should be levelling up not levelling down.

London Councils estimate the cost of ensuring that no school loses out as a direct result of the implementation of the National Funding Formula is £335m per year, less than 1 per cent of the annual schools budget for England.

We ask you urgently re-think the NFF proposals and instead ensure –

·        Per pupil funding will be protected in real terms over the lifetime of this parliament, in line with government manifesto commitments

·        The National Funding Formula is funded in a way that ensures no school in any part of the country loses any funding as a direct result of the proposed changes.

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