Diversify the white-washed history curriculum.

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4500 signatures but the fight still isn't over yet...

Thank you to everyone that has read, signed, and shared our petition so far! We are all incredibly grateful for the support you have shown our cause, and hope that you can help us continue to campaign for a more diverse history curriculum for all.

Together we have reached a remarkable milestone- we are halfway to our goal!

To help us make the final push to get a response from our government, please keep sharing this petition far and wide, taking a few minutes to post it on Facebook and WhatsApp a link to your friends really does make a huge difference. Every signature we get is a step closer to ensuring our children are taught a diverse and well-balanced history curriculum.

Thank you for your support,

The Cheshire and Merseyside Regional Youth Board x

Cheshire and Merseyside Regional Youth Board
1 year ago