Are you taking the p!$$ ?! Teachers and Urinary Tract Infections awareness

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Teachers are considerably at high risk of contracting Urinary Tract Infections, the problem is compounded with the decision for lack of hydration at fear of the urge to need the restroom whilst a class is in session. As we all know schoolchildren cannot be left unsupervised and a request to be relieved from a classroom results in nothing short of multiple requests for explaining and justifying this natural requirement to relieve ones bladders. This often results in unnecessary embarrassment and a fear of the whole process. This needs to stop, there is a need for strong and urgent awareness of this issue. I cringe to think the amount of prescribed antibiotics that could be avoided resulting in overall global resistance of bacteria to those much needed cures for infections.

I come from a family of professionals whose jobs require them to be devoid of the most primitive and natural need to urinate when the body naturally requires it, it is disgraceful that this issue is still unresolved to this day. Its time the effects of " holding on " are quantified and work is put in place to allow people of all professions to urinate as the need arises.