Save our libraries, keep them Government funded. Before they disappear for good.

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I love my local library, not only as a place  to educate to gain access to literature and information, but the people I have met there have become my extended family. The council here in Northants has decided to close 21 of them. 

Libraries stepped in to offer children's services, blue badge and bus pass applications. Help to find employment , craft sessions , advice surgeries and coffee mornings. So many wonderful , useful things go on in libraries that I don't have the room to list them all here. Each library is unique, the trained staff have made sure that their library suits the needs of their community and have made them irreplaceable. 

These facilities are lifelines to those who use them. A haven for people who would be socially isolated without them for many reasons .Young mums with children, people struggling to meet ever challenging finances , those that just need a cuppa and a chat.

I want to see the remaining libraries protected by statute , funded by the Government with trained, paid staff ; so that councils don't have the ability to close them or turn them into community run groups.

Please help me save the libraries by adding your signature.

Voice your disapproval of library closures for yourself and for those that cant speak for themselves.

Thank you. x


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