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Time for Better Politics in Oxfordshire

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Both Oxford City Council and Oxfordshire County Council are wasting tens of thousands of pounds of taxpayers’ money campaigning against each other to be top dog in a changing political landscape. 

Meanwhile central government funds go unclaimed and the people of Oxfordshire are suffering.

Both Labour in Oxford City Council and Conservatives in Oxfordshire County Council have abused their excessive majorities to ride roughshod over smaller political parties and the general public.  Many vital public services have been cut, shelters for vulnerable homeless people have gone.   Despite public protest and eight petitions with over 25,000 signatures.  a much-loved pool and fitness centre in Temple Cowley was closed, to the detriment of 40,000 local people.  Meanwhile £200,000 was spent on a pointless feasibility study and our land has been transferred to developers at knock-down prices.  There are many more examples of our money being squandered by both city and county councils while things that matter to us are destroyed.

A unitary authority is an opportunity for a better kind of politics.

We could elect individuals, not on the basis of tribal party ties, but because they genuinely want to safeguard our community assets and improve the quality of life for as many people as possible.  Each councillor could stand on their own merit and track record.

We don’t expect miracles, we know it’s difficult work but we’re tired of feeling powerless, ignored and deceived.   It’s time for genuine transparency and honesty. 

It isn’t just an unrealistic dream.  Frome Town Council has been running successfully on these principles since 2014.  At their meetings the first item on the agenda is always Questions and comments from members of the public.  Their inspirational councillors are happy to help others work towards better politics for everyone. They’ve even written a book about it.  In Frome local government is relevant, effective and fun.  Of course Oxfordshire is larger and more complicated but we can all benefit from their experience of doing things well.

If you want better politics, please sign this petition to tell Oxford City Council and Oxfordshire County Council to stop wasting our money fighting each other and start working together with the other district councils to form a new Council of Independents for Oxfordshire.

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Better politics:

Flatpack Democracy, a DIY guide to creating independent politics by Peter MacFadyen.


Old politics:

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