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Make Massachusetts a Presumed Consent Organ Donor State

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18 people die every day in the United States waiting for an organ transplant as no donor is available. In my Exploring Ethics class, I was given the project to design a way of engaging the wider community outside of our school campus in discussion about a pressing medical issues for which I chose organ donations. In countries such as Spain and France, a “presumed consent” system has drastically increased their organ donations to 90% and saved many lives, verses 15% for opt in countries like the US and Germany. Presumed consent does have some cons where people could argue that false positives could occur where people actually do not actually want to donate, some believe it also gives too much power to the government, and that education is a better means of conquering this problem. Given most Americans would like to donate their organs after death at 69% compared to only 28% who actually explicitly sign up, I feel like this is a pressing concern we need find a solution to. If you agree with the aspects of Presumed Consent, please feel to sign the petition below to make Mass an Opt out State.

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