Give free specialist dental care to those receiving cancer treatment

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Earlier this year, my mum was diagnosed with breast cancer. The treatment she has received from our amazing NHS has been fantastic - she has been treated by top class professionals who have given her the best possible outcomes, whilst also being warm and understanding.

As a result of her cancer treatment, specifically the hormone medication she needs to take, she was referred to a specialist dentist as the treatment can affect her teeth. Her doctor insisted this was necessary, so mum was understandably shocked when she discovered she would have to pay for her own specialist dental care.

At such a difficult time, already dealing with a life-changing diagnosis, surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy and anxiety about the overall prognosis, cancer patients should not be having to worry about paying for this very specialist care.

Please note we are not asking for cancer patients to receive all of their dental care for free, just the very specific care that is required as a direct result of their treatment.