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       We students are having a difficulty in waking up as early as 4 in the morning just to prepare for school, and would sleep as late as 12 am leaving us only 4 hours of sleep because of school works, proposed household chores, and etc. We just want that the administration would take notice on every students hurdles.

       On the way to school, students are having a hard time commuting because of the extensive traffic conflicts in Manila. Since students and workers are simultaneously using modes of transportation, chances of traffic are conspicuous. Upon arriving at school, students tend to sleep and feel dozy during class hours, due to insufficient sleep. They also experience a lot of struggles on their way home and thus, students seems to be tired. 

      Children especially teenagers are also expected to help in doing household chores and because of that their time is divided from doing school works and their responsibilities at home, in the society, and more (examples are: out-of-school activities, workshops, church and etc.)

     Delaying the start of classes would become more efficient and most likely to become more productive than the usual class schedules. With this, students could have a better performance in both academic and extra-curricular activities. 



Photograph by: Margaux Ilagan 

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