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Help Save the Lives of American Warfighters

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Please sign our petition urging Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter and Congress to fight corrupt war profiteers who endanger the lives of our soldiers. Wes Schneider is a brilliant engineer and was a small business owner until he was driven out of business by the U.S. Government.   Among his brilliant inventions was a special drinking system that could protect our soldiers from chemical and biological poisoning. 

In Wes’ case a small group of corrupt military officers, civilian Army employees and their contractors stole Wes’s patented ideas, reverse engineered them and then duplicated his products forcing him out of business.  But what’s so egregious is that the small band of war profiteers who stole Wes’s technology actually left our soldiers fighting in the first Gulf war vulnerable for over two years to chemical and biological poisoning.  Today, many veterans of the Gulf war are still enduring the long-term effects of chemical poisoning from their tours in Middle East.  

When Wes expressed his concerns about risking the lives of our soldiers to Army authorities he became the victim of a self-instituted Army kangaroo court that simply declared the Army wrongdoers innocent of the Army’s own crimes. Wes and others became the victims of retaliation.  If you would like to read one of the most comprehensive investigations of its kind on Wes’s situation please visit the John Galt program for Investigative Studies (   

On August 17, 2015, the Institute for Complexity Management served Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter an affidavit of truth laying out the facts of Wes’s case.  By law, Dr. Carter has until September 29, 2015, to answer the charges or they become conclusive facts under the law.

We urge every American to sign this petition on behalf of all of the brave soldiers who are defending us across the world.  They deserve much better than to be left in harm’s way by corrupt military officials who are more interested in making money than protecting the lives of our soldiers.  As for Wes Schneider, he deserves a medal for his efforts to keep our soldiers safe. Wes is now destitute as the result of the actions taken against him by the Army.  He deserves better too. 

To the U.S. Congress and Secretary of Defense Carter:

The purpose of this petition is to make you aware of the actions of a small group of corrupt military officers, civilian Army employees and their contractors who, by their dishonorable conduct, left the lives of American soldiers unnecessarily at risk.  You have been personally provided with a complete statement of the facts and detailed report of the matter of Mr. Wes Schneider.  We ask that you and the Department of Defense officially recognize the valiant efforts of Mr. Schneider for his sacrifices to the nation and his unfailing efforts to protect the lives of our fighting men and women.

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