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The number of dairy farmers in the US has declined from nearly 360,000 in 1981 down to the present level of approximately 40,000. The loss of these dairy farmers has had a devastating financial effect on rural America.  Please help save the small, American, family dairy farms.   Hard-working dairy farmers deserve a living wage; a living wage to take care of their precious cows and their precious families. 

A new pricing formula for dairy farmers must be implemented.  The new pricing formula must cover the costs of operating a dairy farm.  Small family dairy farms should be allowed to thrive.   A supply management program (Canada has one) can be implemented (if needed), based up the Federal Milk Marketing Improvement Act (formerly known as S-1640, or the Specter-Casey bill, which was never voted upon in Congress).

Please sign this petition to show your support of the American dairy farmer, who is willing to work hard, but needs our help to survive.