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Secretary Kerry: Go See What A Tar Sands Spill Really Looks Like

Ever since an Exxon pipeline spilled more than 200,000 gallons of tar sands oil in their community in March, the families of Mayflower, Arkansas have been living in a public health nightmare – not knowing if their air and water could be poisoning their children, but having nowhere else to go.

Now they have made one simple request of Secretary of State John Kerry: come visit the site of the tar sands spill in Arkansas and see why you must reject the risky Keystone XL tar sands pipeline.

These families don’t want their tragedy repeated in towns across America, so they are calling on Secretary Kerry to come see with his own eyes what we’d be risking if we allow the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline to run straight through our heartland.

Please stand with the families of Mayflower and join the movement to stop the risky Keystone XL tar sands pipeline by signing this petition today.

Letter to
Secretary Kerry
We join the families from Mayflower, Arkansas in their request for you to come see what happens when a tar sands pipeline ruptures in your backyard. Please visit the tar sands spill site in Mayflower before you issue your final decision on the risky Keystone XL tar sands pipeline. We ask that you observe the remnants of black tar, smell the toxic chemicals that are polluting the air, and ask yourself whether you can in good conscience risk this same devastation for families along the Keystone XL pipeline’s route.

There is still so much we don’t know about tar sands pipelines — about the likelihood that they’ll spill in our communities, about how they impact important water sources, and about how they affect our health. So please visit Mayflower to hear directly from those affected by the Exxon tar sands spill and see why the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline would be all risk and no reward.

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