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Empower the stakeholders i.e. ICAP members - across the board

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In a well governed entity, especially not for profit professional body, bylaws are a subject of membership to discuss and approve.

In ICAP, somehow this power has been contained within Council and has resulted in decisions as well as shaping of ICAP that generally does not seem to be in line with what membership wants and approves of.

Please read:
Chapter VII Miscellaneous
Section 27 - Powers to make bye laws

Two changes needed:

1- Byelaws to be approved by members, and
2- Any proposed changes to Ordinance, remain subject of membership. Such changes need to be approved by members before presented to the government.

Getting back membership this right seems to be the first step to be taken before any other sustainable change can be made. Any changes made by Council, before this right can be returned to members, could create more issues among membership.

On raising this issue, I have seen comments from a few people, who assume this change would mean that members have to do everything, i.e. run ICAP. That's not true. What these fundamental corrections would do is to properly give the legislation back to members (who are like Parliament while Council is like the government they choose). Members would design a governance system and then trust Council to be the policy board overseeing ICAP's operations and adherence to policies and procedures finalized by the MEMBERS.

There are 1,467 members on this platform. I am hoping each of them would be interested in participating in the process of getting rid of the fallacious governance system and replace with a 'good governance model'. Some research into this topic would end up in educating every member about good governance and their rights in this organization.

Note: Remember, this is a very basic right. This petition has no controversy. It is not preferring certain factions over others; it's not about any personality; it's not about criticizing any past policies. It's for the benefit of all members - across the board and the first step towards making ICAP better. This change needs to be done before any other change can be made to Ordinance, bylaws or overall governance structure. This will ensure that all future changes to be made are accepted by Membership.

I have created this petition and request you to get as many signatures added as possible.

Please leave your details and comments. I believe Membership would be interested in knowing reasons from anyone who opposes it.

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