The McCain NATO HQ - honouring a great man

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Tom Tugendhat
Tom Tugendhat signed this petition

Opening a new headquarters for NATO marks an important chapter in the Alliance's history.  We should use the moment to focus on our goals - defending democratic nations against aggression.  Today, democracies are threatened again, but by committing to each other we make ourselves stronger.

Few individuals expressed better these ideals than Sen John McCain III.  His courage in combat, captivity, and Congress spoke to the strength and better natures of our countries.  He believed in America as a partner to a free world and saw liberty as a shared virtue.

Naming the new Headquarters after Sen McCain would be a fitting tribute to an American hero, a NATO champion, and a friend of liberty.  Few argued more passionately for a shared commitment to each others security or understood better that we are all part of one great experiment in freedom.  Honouring him would signify our determination to stand together for a new generation and remember our role the world and why we should all meet our commitments to spending on defence.

Please join me in calling on Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg to name the new NATO headquarters the McCain Headquarters.  It would be a fitting tribute to an extraordinary man, and the ideals he served.


Tom Tugendhat MP
Chair, Foreign Affairs Committee
House of Commons