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Expel Altaf Hussain from United Kingdom and stop bloodshed in Karachi, Pakistan.

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Altaf Hussain’s terrorists activities in Karachi Pakistan killed the innocents lives heavily. MQM and Altaf Hussain have close links with the Indian secret agency RAW as well as other players. MQM-Altaf terrorist and Indian agent Ajmal Paharee confessed to the Joint Investigation Team of ISI, IB, Military Intelligence, CID and Special Branch that,“MQM-Altaf was behind the ‘Ashura Bombings of 2009’ in Karachi”. He confessed to the team that he and other MQM city workers were ordered to wear black Shia mourning clothes on the day in a meeting called three days before the Ashura bombings. The orders were to burn the shops and businesses in and around Light House as well as kill the people. The shop owners of that area refused to give extortion money to the MQM-Altaf. These burnings caused losses of billions to the poor Pakistanis and shop owners in Karachi. 

Ajmal Paharee also confessed to the JIT that: “he has received terrorist training in New Delhi from five Indian Army officers. During this training he was informed about Altaf Hussain’s desire to separate Karachi from Pakistan”. 

Mustafa Kamal billionaire - poor former mayor of Karachi became abusive when London Post report published on 31st December 2009, was quoted that, “MQM was involved in Karachi bombings with black water”, in a live program by famous anchor Talat Hussain. Faces of the looters were visible on 

 This brave son of London “Edgware” sleeps in a multi million pound bunker with 24 hours CCTV cameras security and star trek type control room. He was preaching people of Karachi to sell their valuables and buy weapons and now he has asked them to do house shopping for a month’.  Why is he allowed to do these kinds of provocative speeches and live broadcasts from London ?  He has harmed Pakistan’s economy and caused losses worth billions of dollars. Those who allowed him to do the harms are equal partners in his crimes whoever they are.

We strongly demand to the Government of United Kindgom and Secretary General of United Nations to take strict action against him or send him back to Pakistan. 

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