Against arbitrary decision to make permanent those who were guest teachers in WB colleges

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One of the toughest challenges of educated and qualified youths is getting a job in colleges and universities. They have to spend their crucial times in studying for higher education, research (MPhil, PhD) and qualifying NET/SET (believe to be tough exam at national/state level) for making career in academics. Then some may qualify for lecturership and assistant professor. Hundreds of such candidates have dream of doing job in colleges and universities. But the hard reality is that only a few get job in a limited number of seats. The present decision will hamper in creating new vacancy as they are filled by guest teachers.

In this circumstance, it is shocking that a recent decision of government of West Bengal to make permanent up to the age of sixty those who worked as guest teachers. They have given a new title 'State Aided College Teachers' or SACT.

Thedecision is arbitrary, irrational and 'politically motivated'. The current decision have serious fault and it will hamper in the following ways:
It is a gross  violation of the UGC norm that a college teacher must be qualified for NET-UGC or SET, but many of guest teachers are not qualified for the same.
If it would be implemented, higher education will be affected various ways especially quality perspectives.
In most of the cases, recruitment process does not follow the Roster System (Reservation) of recruitment.
Moreover, there is, usually, no proper notification and screening process when recruiting guest teachers. Besides, there is serious allegations of nepotism and political interface when selecting candidate for a guest teacher.
Therefore, the step taken by the Government of West Bengal is immoral, irrational, unconstitutional and against social justice when there is a large number of qualified candidates remain as unemployed.
So, we appeal to withdraw the decision taken by West Bengal Government.

The petition is on behalf of NET/SET qualified candidate forum