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Secretary Clinton: Support Saudi Women Fighting for the Right to Drive

Saudi Arabia is the only nation in the world that bans women from driving and a brave group of Saudi women have organized a campaign, Women2Drive, to overturn the archaic and unfair rule. One activist, Manal Al Sharif, is being held in jail for posting a video of herself driving on YouTube and other activists have been arrested and harassed. The women plan to take the wheel en masse on June 17th in defiance of the ban and the crack down on their activism.

Women2Drive activists say the ban subjects women to sexual harassment by taxi drivers and forces them to be dependent on drivers and male relatives. One woman posted on a Facebook group for the event, "It is not a revolution, it is not a plot, it is not a gathering and it is not a protest -- we are only requesting to drive our cars."

Sign this petition to call on Secretary of State Hillary Clinton - who made famous the phrase "women's rights are human rights" - to release a statement in support of the women's efforts to repeal the ban and call on King Abdullah to release activists arrested for driving and cease future arrests and harassment.


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