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Secretary and Chief of Staff of the US Air Force: Are you saying it is ok for service men to sexually assualt the women of America?

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Why should a military officer be given special privileges when they have been proven guilty by a military jury of sexually assaulting a woman? Do they think they are above the law? Clearly they do. What kind of message is this sending to younger men in the service? It is telling them they can do whatever they want to a woman and will not have to face punishment for their actions.

Air Force Lt. Colonel James Wilkerson was convicted by a military jury of sexual assault. He was sentenced to dismissal, forfeiture of pay, and jail time. After only a few months of jail time commanding officer Lt. General Craig Franklin overturned his guilty conviction. Wilkerson was released from jail with a clean record and allowed back into the air force.

I am outraged over this and ask that all of you take a stand for the woman who was viciously attacked by this monster. Not to mention what does General Franklins actions say to women in the service or any woman for that matter? It can only make women more afraid to speak out in the future if they are ever violated by a man in the service. Men do not have the right to protect each other from punishment simply becasue they have the authority to do so. As a country we need to protect anyone who has or will suffer from sexual assault. We need to tell them it is okay to speak out against your abuser. It is okay to protect yourself against chauvistic men who feel they are above the law or that a woman doesn't have the right to say NO to unwanted sexual advances. As humans the only thing we actually own are our bodies and we have an obligation to protect and care for our bodies to no end. We should have the right to tell another person not to touch us or violate our space in any way if that is how we feel. If another person does not respect our wishes they should then be forced to suffer the consequences regarldess of their profession or gender.

Please sign this petition asking the Air Force to review General Franklins conduct in this matter. He needs to know he is not above the law especially since Lt. Wilkerson was found guilty by a jury of his peers. Does the justice system not matter anymore?

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