To Africa Federation , ENOUGH IS ENOUGH

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To Africa Federation... ENOUGH IS ENOUGH

Zanzibar being the first and oldest Khoja Jamaat in the world from 1888 is being unnoticed by the Africa Federation and World Federation of all the oppression that is taking place on the members of the jamaat for opposing the leaders who put themselves in position by the power of their influence and money. ( 3 minute read )

Key Players
The three players behind all the problems are Mohamedraza Dharamsi (pop) who was the President for 20 years but was forced to step down a few months ago by Naushad Alarakhia because of their differences regarding money when Naushad was under police custody.

Mohamedraza has been the President for more than 20 years , did nothing for the betterment of the community but just enjoyed this position for his personal gains.

Naushad Alarakhia (trustee), is the backup and financer of all the threats who believes that he is the walking talking Constitution of the Jamaat because whatever he wants becomes the rule.

Akber Hassanali (Hon. Secretary)  is the biggest fasaad in our community and is the one who is causing all the problems in the jamaat.

Now that Akber has been able to bring them to an understanding, Naushad is convinced to return the Jamaat Presidency to Mohamedraza. They are trading the Jamaat as if it's a trophy to their riches.

It is most unfortunate that all three of these people do not have a clue about the basics of our religion and do not even know how to recite Quran or who our twelve Imams are.

They threaten members who oppose them by putting them behind bars and falsely accusing members of being involved in corruption and illegal businesses.

They closed down friday prayers and sent Hujjat Jamaat of Zanzibar to court so that it should be at Kuwwat Jamaat. They made sure that the Hujjat Mosque remained closed by using armed police men for over 2 years. They are also against the unification of the two Jamaats and use divide and rule policies.

There is no madressa in Zanzibar for our children because Mohamedraza shut it down.  Mohamedraza and Naushad send their children abroad so they are not affected but, what about other members who can not afford to do the same?

They have put people behind bars and have taken them to court. One of the victims is Mohamedraza's old Uncle in law (Chacha Abdulhussein Panju) and as a result he suffered a stroke.

An elderly lady Raffat Aunty was sent behind bars for opposing Akber. On the basis of false accusation on Raffat Aunty, Br. Fazleabbas Dhalla was made a false accomplice of Raffat Aunty for standing against Akber Hassanali for the post of Hon. Secretary of the Jamaat during the election that was supposed to be held the next day.

Our present chairlady was also sent to Jail for opposing Mohamedraza a few years back.

On Khushali Imam Ali (a.s) 2018 there was a big showdown in our Mosque. Watch the historic ladies takeover of KSIMC Kuwwat Zanzibar Jamaat and having the final say to fight injustices on Khushali Imam Ali (a.s) below link.

These are just a few to mention and Africa Federation has maintained their silence. We will continue to stand and to oppose all three of them and make sure they are not using and abusing this jamaat for their personal benefits.


It is important to note that the Africa Federation in their letter of 13 February 2018 has recognised the interim Zanzibar Jamaat under Hayder Hussein and his new EC Team and who is supported unanimously by members of Zanzibar Jamaat. Please see below link letter including pictures.

It is now important that Africa Federation ensures that there are free and fair elections and to send observers to monitor. Each and every member of the Zanzibar Jamaat deserves a better future. Failure for Africa Federation to step in will make matters worse which will lead to a worsening crises for all concerned.

We would like to thank the leaders of Dar-es-salaam jamaat for all their outstanding support that they have extended to us during the current crisis. We had the publicise our plight in order to get help and moving forward.  We urge you all to please support our petition.

  • Sermon 232 Nahjul Balagha , Peak of Eloquence.
  • Know that - may Allah have mercy on you - you are living at a time when those who speak about right are few, when tongues are loath to utter the truth and those who stick to the right are humiliated. The people of this time are engaged in disobedience. Their youth are wicked, their old men are sinful, their learned men are hypocrites, and their speakers are sycophants. Their young ones do not respect their elders, and their rich men do not support the destitute.

Wassalaam and Jazakallah .

For and on belhalf of Zanzibar Jamaat