Stop complaints against Genus Project

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Two reports of copyright infringement forced Genus Project to close the store twice.

After losing three months of sales, waiting for the evaluation by Linden Lab™, comes the formal response: no infringement, the store can re-open.

The shop remains open for a couple of days, but in the meantime, Linden Lab™ received a new report. Genus had to close the store again.

It is not possible to understand the reasons for this, as Linden Lab has already considered the matter.

The closure of the shop is severely damaging to the community. With this petition, we are asking for the re-opening of the store.

We take the chance to ask that, before imposing the closure of a store, its violation of the DMCA be sure. Otherwise, this instrument will continue to be misused, for the sole purpose of harming specific people.

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