BPO Workers Call for Urgent Action: Let us stay at home!

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On March 17, the Philippine government declared an enhanced community quarantine to prevent the further spread of the pandemic COVID 19. Public transport was suspended and most industries were shut down except for essential ones. However, the Inter-Agency Task Force on Emerging Infectious Disease (IATF-EID) also announced that “all BPOs will remain operational”.

A few days into the enhanced community quarantine, many BPO workers continue to risk their health to go to work even with the absence of public transport. While work from home arrangements has been set up for some BPO workers, some BPO workers also kept captive in on-site accommodation. Many are forced to consume their leave credits during the quarantine period. And some BPO workers are still lost in the dark with their companies suspending operations but without guaranteeing income for affected workers.

Amid this extraordinary time, we call on the Philippine government and BPO companies to put employees’ health and well-being a top priority. Let BPO workers’ stay at home!

We believe that continuous on-site operation may not contain the spread of the virus and on-site accommodation may also compromise the health and safety of employees.

Hence, we appeal for urgent action on the following:

  • Suspend on-site work and set up work-from-home arrangements
  • Guarantee income and paid time off for affected employees with no reduction in leave credits
  • Provide free mass testing and treatment for all COVID 19 patients

In addition, logistical support such as equipment, internet allowance and other technical needs should be provided for by companies for work-from-home arrangements. We also call on the government and companies to provide socio-economic support for BPO workers to mitigate the adverse economic impacts of the pandemic outbreak.

Now more than ever, the government must act to protect the rights and livelihood of workers. Companies are summoned to practice due diligence to prevent the spread of COVID 19 and contribute in alleviating its impact on the livelihood of workers and our families.

Let us unite against the spread of COVID 19. Let us unite for our safety and survival! Let BPO workers stay at home! Sign this petition NOW.