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Find Zeekler innocent, advise to restructure and re-open.

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While investigating Zeekler we believe that you will find that Rex Venture Group/Zeekler  was not intentionally creating a ponsi scheme and like Amway, can be restructured and reopened. Please recommend this action to  judge Graham C. Mullen and encourage Paul Burks and his team to restructure and reopen Zeekler. Maybe Paul Burks could step down as president? Many lives are depending on it!

If Paul Burks was trying to create a scam, why would he go so public? Why would he be so strict about compliance?  We do not believe he is that stupid. MLM's are not illegal and neither are penny auctions. Zeekler was a mixture of the two.

Many people are counting on Zeekler during economically tough times.  We believe that Paul Burke is a good man with good intentions who had challenges with the explosive growth of his great idea. We believe there was a legitimate auction that may not have been keeping up with the explosive growth of the affiliate program, but was working in good faith.

If you want to investigate a ponsi scheme maybe you could start with Social Security??!!!

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