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National Stock Exchange and Sebi are increasing trading hours till 11.55 p.m. late at night. Currently trading hours are from 9.00 a.m. to 3.30 p.m. that is suitable for indian traders and investors and these are only the best hours for trading. Traders and investors have to keep on eye on each and every movement in the market which creates immense pressure on the mind of them for the current period of six and half hours in a stretch.In case if this time increases, they cannot hold the pressure of market for long. Only because of the benefit of time ( from 9 to 3.30) some people manage to do this business with their other core businesses and salaried person do this with their job because it's timing facility and some people do only this business. With this trading time in the market people can manage their professional life as well as personal life and maintain their good health but situation will be changed if time will increase till late at night..

Lots of Traders enjoy doing trading and investing with the current market time being managed well along with the family. If the time will increase they have to continously watch the screen for hours which can create bad impact in term of health on them. They can suffer from dangerous disease like cancer, High Blood Pressure, Sugar, Heart disease etc. Apart from this maximum no. Of people will get distracted from their own business who are doing trading as part time and salaried person will also have to work for more then 12 hours which is impossible for human body to work in a stretch. An investors have to keep watch on stock price for till the end of trading session. In spite of this he manages his personal life, professional life and health problem. National stock exchange and sebi earn money in terms of taxes and charges they apply on investors and traders, they earn money whether people gets profit or loss. But still investors are ready to do trade and invest money in the stock market. I am also a stock market trader and want to trade and invest in the market till the end of my life but i am not ready to watch screen till late at night till 11.55 p.m.and don't want. To spoil my professional life as well as personal life and don't want to get any dangerous disease. If time will increase, It will incrase revenue of National stock exchange and of Sebi but it will be a biggest loss of traders and investors and India will only country where trading time will be of 13 15 hours. A trader can not do anything except trading. He will give his life by watching screen only.

I am requesting to indian governent, Natinal stock exchange and sebi not to increase stock market trading hours because it will spoil investor's business, their job, health and social life. It is your social responsibility to take care of investor's life also....