Stop the Spread of Misinformation: Get a SeaWorld/IMATA/AZA Representative on CBS

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On June  7th, 2019, John Hargrove was featured on the CBS program "Whistleblower." The series was titled, "SeaWorld: A Case Against Captivity." 

In an effort to provide the public a balanced, truthful program, the President of the International Marine Animal Training Association, Billy Hurley, reached out to CBS with a statement regarding SeaWorld's care for animals and an offer to be interviewed on the program. He was quickly denied.

Not long after, the President and CEO of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums wrote an open letter to CBS regarding SeaWorld's excellent standard of care and longstanding role in the zoological community. CBS has made no effort to share this information, either.

It is clear that CBS has no interest in reporting ACTUAL news. Instead, they feature a bitter, lying man trying to rekindle his 6 seconds of fame. If CBS were interested in real reporting, they would offer Seaworld, IMATA, or AZA representatives an opportunity to comment on the misinformation being shared on their program. 

What CBS is doing isn't journalism, it's propaganda. Fake news. Let's fight back with the power of the people and DEMAND factual information and unbiased representation.