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Release Tilikum. Let Tilikum live the rest of his life in freedom.


Tilikum has been in captivity for too long and NO living soul deserves this kind of treatment. All animals should be FREE and in their own environment, not used for personal entertainment. Tilikum was forced to mate, do tricks, and live in a tank that is not even 1% of his natural environment. He was isolated for a year from other whales. Whales are social animals and can't be alone or else they go crazy. The way humans treat Tilikum and the other Orcas at SeaWorld is DISTGUSTING and INHUMANE. Imagine being trapped in a jail cell for the rest for your life. Imagine being given food only when you do tricks. Imgaine having no contact with people for a year. You would get a little crazy and frustrated. PLEASE HELP TILIKUM BY HELPING HIM BE RELEASED INTO A SEAPEN. Being released into the ocean would not do him good becuase he does not know how to hunt and does not have a pod which he can depend on. At least being released into a sea sanctuary will be a better enviorment for him.

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