Stop forcing killer whales to do cruel shows

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Picture this. A wild orca with its pod in the ocean. Suddenly the young orca is separated from its family by a net. The young orca finds itself surrounded by nets alone. Then it is picked up by a helicopter and shipped to Seaworld. It is taken away from its home in this tenny-tinny tank. It finds other orcas but they are strangers.  And the young little Orca is forced to do shows and forced to breed when it is older. How do you feel? Do you still think the orcas at Seaworld are happy?  The honest truth is that the orcas aren't happy being at Seaworld. They are being separated from their families, forced to do cruel shows and forced to breed, and also remember Shamu? Shamu was stolen from its family and an orca hunter just killed its mother right in front of Shamu just like it wasn't enough to just take her away from her family anyway. That's called animal cruelty. Or abusing animals. And that's against the law. So Seaworld what are you going to do about this? Are you going to continue to capture such intelligent animals? Or are you going to fix your mistake? From, Carmel

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