Stop Capturing Orcas

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  Picture this Seaworld, there is an orca in a pod. One day a big boat comes in to capture a killer whale. In the process, another orca is captured then dies. In a few days, the orca goes into a small tank for a long time. This can happen when they capture it. I think they should not be captured because of the behaviors they can have, the injuries they can get and they belong in the wild. I care about them because they are very social and intelligent creatures. My first evidence is that when the use echolocation in the tank, they can drive insane. My second evidence is that their dorsal fin collapsed and it is rare in the wild. My third reason is that they have pods, and those pods make them a family in the wild and if you separate them, they might get stressed out. For those reasons Seaworld, that is why they should not be captured. From, Cooper