Save the Gharials

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The Gavialis Gangeticus or the more well known name Gharial. The Gharial is a crocodile that lives in northern India and is one of the most endangered species out there. The Gharial lives in the northern part of India. There is a very big aquarium in Mumbai called Taraporewala Aquarium which could hold a good amount of Gharials that would help them survive the dangers of india. The Gharials got put on the annual red list of endangered species back in September of 2017. It was then found out that there are less than 200 breeding adult males out there.  The Gharials are very endangered and only us as a community can stop it. The reason why these animals are endangered is because of two main things habitat destruction and illegal fishing.

The Gavialis Gangeticus are one of the most endangered species out there and one of the reasons why is because of habitat destruction. The riverbanks that the Gharial lives next to are being used for agriculture which is a big problem because then they don't have as many nesting areas. Also sand mining is a problem for them as well. When a person sand mines around a riverbank where the gharials live they get rid of all there nesting areas and makes them have to relocate. Most of their home is on these sandy banks where they lay their eggs. They only have one more area that is there last real stronghold but it won't last if these sand miners keep on destroying their habitats.

The next really big problem to the gharials is the human population. As humans when we want to travel from place to place we use a car which then causes air pollution. According to Gwalior, India is the second most air polluted place in all of the world. This air pollution cause half a million premature deaths in India as of 2015. The amount of air pollution in this area is an outrageous amount and this air pollution can damage the environment and even animals when it combines with rain.

The Gharial are often found around other animals such as fishes and turtles. A lot of people use fishing nets to capture their fish but these crocodiles would get stuck inside these nets. When there are stuck inside these nets the crocodiles can't get up above the water so they are stuck underneath the water unable to breath. The other things that happen is that they break the net and go on with the net around them that could lead to death. Often when they would get caught in the nets the fishermen would have to cut off their snouts. Recently it was found that younger Gharials are caught inside these duck nooses and they kill themselves. Gharials are associated for killing a lot of fish so these fishermen aren't the most sympathetic to them so they kill them because they view them as a danger to themselves.

The Gharial is not a crocodile that will kill and it can not kill its small mouth that makes it very difficult.  These crocodiles are being endangered and we are the only ones who can save them from the terribleness they've been through. They are now held together by the tiniest of tiny strings and we have to help them. I would really like it if you could support my petition for helping Gharials in India.



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