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Orca Release

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I am an animal management student in the U.K and our last assignment was to research abnormal behaviors in wild and captive species of any animal of our choosing. I was researching Orca Whales because they are my passion and i came across multiple videos and articles about how they are treated, the treatment of these animals actually brought me to tears,  and i feel like they should be introduced back into the wild because it will not only benefit the Orcas themselves but it will stop them from killing people and reduce the stress. I get that some people may disagree with this because thy bring us entertainment and perform for us but this is what is getting trainers killed and this will continue until the Orca Whales get better treatment. How would you like it if you were kept in a small room with nothing to do for several hours of the day, AND THEN made to perform tricks in front of crowds and if you don't do them properly you didn't get fed. I'm pretty sure you would be annoyed at the person who was keeping you locked in that room. They don't even have toys to play with when they aren't performing. i can understand why Orca Whales attack each other and trainers. Its all about mutual respect, Orcas are very clever animals, if we respect them and treat them better they will be happier and more inclined to help us. 

In my opinion keeping Orcas in small cages with nothing to do but perform is cruel, and not worth it. Orcas should have the best quality of life and being in captivity is not doing that. This is a really big passion of mine and i will never go see an orca show as long as i live. Or even if they have bigger tanks and toys to play with, least its a step in the right direction

Thank you to everyone who helps me out it’s much appreciated 

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